My first blog post

WordPress offered, as part of its template, a suggestion or rather a makeshift title for my first blog post. They kept it simple and suggested ‘ My first blog post’, which I was supposed to change to whatever I might be writing about.

I decided simplicity would be a nice way to start things off and retained the title suggested by my host portal.

Why? Well, it’s because my friend and I have spoken about starting a blog for a very long time now. We talk, ideate, suggest but the next day, we both return to our work and delay our planned debut. Hence, the significance.

It’s actually some food for thought for a lot of us who want to break away from the monotony of our daily routine and start something we love. For one or another reason, we procrastinate and sometimes completely shelve the idea. Be it starting a new company, a new restaurant, joining the gym or starting a blog, the initial hesitation is often the major roadblock. It’s interesting really, to think what would have happened if the likes of Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, MS Dhoni or JK Rowling hadn’t started what they did. The world would have been so different, wouldn’t it?

It’s this thought that pushed me to start off with this first post. The idea that if I take this first step today, maybe someday I will also be fortunate enough to create some impact in this world.

I know I’ll have to work hard but hey, that’s the fun part. As for my friend, he will be starting his blog very soon too, as promised to me. And I know that when he does, it will have people doubled up with laughter almost instantly.


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