Sunday Soul Sante – Making Bangalore a prettier place

After putting my mind to some things that warranted attention, it’s time for the weekend mood to kick in and make room in my mind for something soothing.

And the Sunday Soul Sante was the perfect place for that.

A glimpse of the gorgeous flea market

In the words of the Sunday Soul Sante official website, “The Sunday Soul Sante is an ode to contemporary arts and crafts. It is the one platform that promotes artists and allows them to bring forth their creative passions. It’s a potpourri where one can explore a plethora of creative offerings, music, food and oodles of fun.”

The pioneer of this wonderful initiative, Ms. Asha Rao, has been periodically providing artisans and budding designers a chance to show their exquisite work to a receptive Bangalore audience. Soul Sante takes place five times a year. The response? Here, have a look at today’s edition and you’ll know.

From little trinkets to stately silver earrings to quirky wall hangings, the exhibition had an ideal blend that indeed lived up to its name of providing somwthing for the soul.

What is particularly remarkable about the exhibition setup is how transparent the platform really is. I’ve known a lot of people who endeavour to give artisans the link they need to reach the end consumer, but they often take the online route and there lies a very commonplace gap. While these online mediums are great for the people who geographically (and sometimes financially) cannot make the products reach the wide consuming audience, it overlooks boutique urban designers who have either a Facebook page or a website themselves which reaches only their small group of common friends.

Now for boutique designers, online is a medium but given their price points, an experiential element is absolutely essential to create sustained demand. And that’s where, I feel, Ms. Asha Rao has created a concept that’s so valuable to these small but graciously priced boutique designers.

Take, for example, these pictures:

While they showcase the vibrancy and finesse of the designers and their designs, I could only make my purchase decision when I tried one of those earrings or neckpieces on.

And believe me guys when I say this, the entire ambience of soul sante cannot be defined in mere words either. It’s only when you’re there, into the crowd, checking out some intricately and expertly designed stuff, while there is music blaring out to set the party mood in and a beer in your hand, along with a shopping bag (which the organizers thoughtfully provide you with), that you appreciate the calming effect a soul sante visit on a Sunday can have on you.

Oh and for the curious minds who are wondering if I was enticed into buying anything there, here is my shopping spree for you….


For more on soul sante, you can scout for details here:



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