Creating the ideal workplace – what’s the mantra?

As part of my job, I keep reading articles about the techniques and ways through which organizations can make their workplace desirable for existing and prospective employees. There’s the age old incentive model and then there are more recent recommendations about keeping the work environment casual or making work hours flexible or promoting a sense of healthy competition. 

All of the above have some impact, yes. But at least from personal experience, I feel it is that sense of comfort and belonging a person feels when they enter their office every morning, that defines work culture and makes it stellar, rather than merely acceptable.

Where is all of this HR gyaan coming from today, you may be wondering. Well, simply put, I just felt like it. I felt like giving a well deserved tribute to an organization that has shaped who I am over the past two and a half years.

What has it done so differently? I think my office head once summarised it aptly, “It’s important to make sure everyone retains their inherent personality without imposing it on others.” That’s what I love, they let us be and I am aware how much guts that can take from an organisational viewpoint.

We are encouraged to do our best during work hours but simultaneously, we are pushed to party hard after a long week’s work too. And that attitude has most of us landing up together on a Friday night, chilling but more importantly, bonding as well. We have no race, class or religion discrimination and each of us are as happy to go to Srinidhi Sagar post work as we are when we head to Monkey Bar. We understand each other’s strengths and enjoy each other’s company.

Some of my friends and family outside of work sometimes ask me, “Aren’t you bored of seeing the same faces over the week?” And my response? “Well, those faces let me be my truest self and how can I be bored with that?” For everyone who would like to see some more evidence of how much we mean to each other, here are some snapshots of us hanging out.

And I’ll tell you the best part. This is not one group of people who have grown close to each other, these pictures reflect a sense of oneness throughout the office.

This might sound like bragging to some. But I know how difficult it is to find that perfect workplace that lets you be and makes you comfortable in your own skin. It’s a quality I am grateful my organization possesses and though not unique, I understand how rare that quality is.

As for all my past and present colleagues who will be reading this, please know that this post is as much a tribute to our friendship and camaraderie, as it is to our company.


8 thoughts on “Creating the ideal workplace – what’s the mantra?

  1. Hey Priyam,
    Its truly a blessing to have colleagues who are more of a family to you. Just makes the whole process of waking up in the morning and coming to work a more welcome thought. And this I do believe is the best retention tactic any HR could hope to achieve/implement. It’s a genuine blessing what we have at our work place and it is because of the true bond of love and friendship we all share! Brilliant piece of writing -something I will keep coming back to, just to thank my stars every time. Keep up the good work!!

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    1. Thanks SuJo I really am glad you all liked this post, especially since it is so close to my heart as well. You’re absolutely right, these memories will stay with us forever no matter where life takes us.


  2. Having worked at a couple of places before, I can tell you that what we have at our organization is rather special.

    It really feels like “can we be friends with this person?” is one of the things management asks themselves before they hire someone.

    Very nice read, by the way.

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  3. Very well said Priyam. Although I have just spent 6 months into the organisation but what I can vouch for is that it certainly is a great place to work because of the people who work here and let me steal a bit of limelight from HR point of view, ” we hire the best talent :)”

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    1. Thank you Bratiti, yes credit does go to our HR for hiring wonderful people but more than anything, to allow those wonderful people to express themselves too, by creating a great office environment. 🙂


  4. This was long over-due but better late than never. Priyam, you are a gifted writer. I thoroughly loved the article. I’m extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to know you. You are a brilliant co-worker and an amazing soul. Keep writing 🙂


    1. Urvika, that’s the best thing I’ve heard this morning. You’ve made my day!! Thank you so much. I’m so glad you liked what I’ve written. As far as co-working goes, many of us in office know how brilliant you yourself are at what you do that the compliment coming from you is really very flattering. 🙂


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