When the best of people were at the helm

So today is the day when the US will choose its new President. There have been a lot of superlatives used for this particular subject and I have my personal views about what has transpired. But in this blog post, I will not thrust my opinions about the 2016 elections on anyone, because the barrier of written communication prevents a well contested debate and my views will be terribly one-sided.

What I will talk about though, is the kind of people who America had as their leaders till this very day. The Obamas. Both Michelle and Barack Obama have moved so many people across the world during these past eight years that it will be unfair to not give them a tribute on their last day as First Lady and President.

Again, their political decisions and beliefs will be debated across the globe. What is sort of set in stone though, is the profound impact they have had on influencing the kind of people we want to aspire to be. An aspiration that revolves around following their lead and being empathetic and good people, no matter what position you reach in life. Now that’s a great achievement for people who have been entrusted with the responsibility of managing the world’s largest economy and shaping world policies, don’t you think? 

So why and how do I draw these conclusions sitting here in Bangalore? The only resources at my disposal are biographies, autobiographies and news reports, and being in the field that I am, I know how easy it is to influence someone’s perception. However, my field also allows me the advantage of deciphering what is genuine from farce.

What I admire most about Michelle and Barack Obama is the fact that they are grounded, respectful people who are sensitive to the trials and tribulations of the vast majority. Their magnificent amalgamation of modernity coupled with strong family values makes them two of the best role models a kid or a grown up could have.

And because they were the people who were at the helm, it gave someone like me a very warm feeling about America as a country.

Be it a remarkable woman from Chicago who made her way up the ladder with hard work and perseverance as her ammunition or an inspiring man who grew up in Hawaii and swept people off their feet with his ambitions of public service, they both represented a shining image of how world leaders can retain the human element of being good people.

While the speculations about the next US President builds up, I thought we needed to take a moment to applaud the tenacity of Michelle and Barack Obama to withstand a whirlwind and come out of it just as good and respected and even more inspiring people than they were when they started off their White House journey.

The message they have given to the world, that you can still be grounded and humble while being at the echelon of power, is one that has changed the world in spirit for sure

And as young lawyers in Sidley Austin LLP, that’s what they had set out to do, isn’t it?


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