The hope of a better tomorrow MUST endure

A very simple yet uplifting incident happened to me a few days back and I have been meaning to write about it for a long time now. Something or the other came up and I couldn’t. But now I realize why it’s a good thing this waited till today.

Because timing is everything and today, I feel like I could really do with a little remembrance of a wonderful gesture of humanity.

In a world fraught with so much despair and corruption, we need to constantly remind ourselves that there is still a lot to hope for from us human beings.

And while this incident might seem small in magnitude, it demonstrated a inane capability within us, that of harbouring a sense of goodness.

Okay, so enough of prelude. I’ll get right into the story. So, one Friday, my colleagues and I followed our usual pattern, that of coming to work eager for the weekend to kick in, taking our customary coffee break at Srinidhi in the evening and going out for a drink at night.

Everything transpired like any Friday’s events would, except one thing. The next morning when i woke up and looked for my wallet, it was nowhere to be found!

I racked my brains, broke my head and wondered when and where I had lost my wallet. I went in to an empty office to look for my wallet, to no avail. Then I thought I’d check at Srinidhi and later, the pub my friends and I visited. The thought that crossed my mind at this point was, well if it’s somewhere there I’m not getting it back but there’s no harm in checking.

So I headed to Srinidhi first. Now let me describe to you the nature of this coffee shop. At a time when Starbucks and CCD sells us coffee (brilliant as it might be) for over a 100 a cup, this little shop offers delicious filter coffee at about 10 bucks.

Now forgive me for lapsing into this description but I thought it’s relevant to know the kind of place I was looking for my wallet at. The kind of place which gets a lot of crowd from nearby houses, offices and local shops. Basically, I didn’t expect my wallet to be there, regardless of whether I had left it at the place or not.

Well, with all this build up, you might have guessed by now that I did indeed find my wallet there, right? Well yes I did and it also so happened that not even a single piece of paper or money had been tampered with. It was safely tucked away by the cashier, who handed it back to me with a wry smile.

What this incident showed me was this. No matter how many demonization drives take place in the country or no matfer how many reports of bad behaviour we continue to read, the truth will always be that we are as good as we want to be. And the best part is there are a whole lot of people amongst us who want to be good, who might not be world leaders but are making a difference to the world in their small way. That coffee shop called Srinidhi taught to have faith in the hope of a better tomorrow.

Oh yes and it also taught me one more thing; to be more careful with my belongings. 🙂


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