Taking Heart from a Heartbreak

Life throws us chellenges and we are what we make of it…

True story? Well, in part I guess.

In my opinion, the true measure of our own success is what we perceive of that success.

Where is all this ‘gyaan’ coming from, you might wonder. Well, I was watching the test match between India and England today and I witnessed this really brilliant innings by our Bengaluru boy, KL Rahul. He batted tirelessly for almost the entire day, finally getting out at 199.

He later spoke to one of the match commentators and you could hear how heartbroken he was. You couldn’t help but feel for the guy, the guy who got out at 199 and missed his double hundred by one tiny run

But wait, as I watched him speak with a tinge of sadness, I also realized this. Here is a guy who’s put long hours in the sun and batted beautifully through the day and gotten, no kidding, one hundred and ninety nine runs, and he still sounds like success has just eluded him.

And I thought to myself, so this guy is either freaking ambitious or just plain human. Both, I guess.

But that’s what is so wonderful about guys like him in today’s generation. We do not measure success by what we are but rather by what we can be. And I think that’s pretty kickass.

Suddenly, there was a guy on my television screen who I admired more for his hunger to be the best than for his superb innings.

He can take heart, even in his heartbreaking moment, in this exceptional quality he possesses and be sure that this yearning for success will get him that 200 run milestone one day or the other.

As for us young spectators, we can take heart from the fact that our generation will settle for nothing but what we perceive as success. Mr. KL Rahul sure gave a stellar demonstration of that today. 🙂


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