Power of a Calm and Collected Disposition – The Era of an Ideal Leader

This is another post about a person I really like and who is leaving a position I thought he occupied with great aplomb.

Yesterday, one of India’s biggest stelwarts, M S Dhoni, stepped down as captain of the Indian ODI and T20 team. As me and my friend sat reading the news on various portals, both of us had mixed feelings about Dhoni’s decision.

On one hand, we recognized that this was a guy who knew exactly when to do what. He is probably the personification of a management concept, that of taking the right decision at the right time. You can’t help but admire that quality, can you?

But at the same time, we also had this sinking feeling, for we knew that the days of Dhoni walking onto the field in front of his team in that unmistakable stride are over. No doubt, a highly capable individual is expected to take his poaition. But we will certainly miss that familiar scene where an astute figure behind the wickets is pointing fielders to their positions in the middle of overs. And of course, we’ll surely miss the press conferences where our dear captain ‘stumped’ media time and again.

Having said that, his contribution, his phenomenal feats and his aura will always remain fresh in all our minds, and he will always be the guy who got us almost every title there is to win in the game of cricket with his unflappable demeanour and a few grey hairs.

And in any case, we can take consolation in the fact that he will still be there behind the batsman’s wicket shouting to his spinner, “Yeh sahi hai, daalta reh, isko samajh nai a raha hain.” 

We have that reassurance. For a while, at least. 🙂


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