Why we love ABD, regardless of the team he plays for

Ah, so it’s been a while since I wrote a post and today seemed like an opportune time to reignite this blog (pardon the exaggeration, I’m just happy to be writing again).

Why was it an opportune time? Two reasons. One was that I felt kinda inspired when I read a snippet or two from AB DeVilliers’ autobiography and then I heard the wonderful man speak during the RCB match and I decided, there’s no better way of writing something after a while.

No, AB did not do wonders at the match today but the two instances mentioned above just re-emphasised how honourable and grounded he is as a person.

When speaking to the commentators during the match, AB described ‘being a dad’ as one of the great privileges of life. Not fame, not money, not national recognition, not international acclaim. Being a dad is what AB considers the biggest privilege.

And it’s precisely these small gestures that make him my absolute favourite; someone I admire for who he is at his very core.

In every phase of his life, he just demonstrates how humility is entrenched in the person he is. And while I do not mean to glorify anyone unnecessarily, he is definitely someone who can teach us a thing or two about priorities in life.

His autobiography is a testimony of hard work, discipline and undying ambition, without once forgetting his roots. No wonder, AB is one of the few international players who gets a huge roar of approval whatever ground he plays at in India and whatever team he plays for!


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