Everyone said one must have a blog. I agreed, for reasons that may or may not concur with the vast majority. And as I went about setting up a blog about something I truly cared about, I thought to myself, which category would my blog fall under? Was it food, fashion, social issues, travel, education, sports, environment, business or something else?

While I had this dilemma, I happened to read a letter addressed to Michelle Obama. The contents of the letter are powerful to say the least. However, to avoid digressing from the task at hand at the moment, the letter mentioned something simple and striking, which influenced the focus of this blog. The letter pointed out, referring to the First Lady, that a person can never be defined by one single attribute. People are more complex than that! And that is why this blog is about everything under the sun, everything I care about. It’s basically about me and the experiences I have had and will have.